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Our database features antibody catalogs by:

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This FREE software package is designed to make the process of creating new, or expanding existing, flow cytometry reagent panels easier and faster. Don't reinvent the wheel!
Use PANEL SHARE to locate existing panels that other researchers have optimized and use them as a starting point.
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Fluorish Cores allow you to manage and share instruments with your users of the facility. Users can view the details of the instrumentation and schedule appointments. Managers can track user appointments and create facility reports.
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Lab members can create a virtual lab inventory to track reagent stocks. Monitor the use of antibodies, use the titration calculator to quickly update amounts after daily experiment, and set up notifications for reordering.
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Save time and paperwork for you, and your purchasing agent, by submitting a single order to Fluorish. Fluorish will use your institutional discounts that have been negotiated with each vendor, but process reagents for numerous companies in one order! Plus, the more people order from Fluorish, the better the discounts.
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Introduction to Fluorish

Flow is what we know! So this is where we have focused our initial energy. Fluorish has designed a lot of its primary functionality with the scientist using flow cytometry in mind, so our efforts have been on building, sharing, and managing the flow cytometry workflow.

Fluorish Cores has been mainly designed for flow cytometry core facilities, the Panel Builder constructs panels for specific flow cytometery instruments, and all of our current reagent partners have strong flow cytometry portfolios. Even PanelShare is currently designed for flow cytometry panel annotation and sharing.

Once you start using Fluorish, you will quickly realize that Fluorish's tools are not only for flow cytometry. In fact, Fluorish Labs has numerous tools that will help labs manage inventory, schedule lab specific instrumentation/equipment, and single click ordering from all of our partners! In the future, our goal is to expand Fluorish beyond flow cytometry and provide tools for other scientific applications.

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The Panel Builder

The Panel Builder will take you step wise through the panel design process. Once you load your instrument configuration file (available by joining a Fluorish Core, or by manually building one and uploading to your Fluorish account), the panel builder will utilize the spectral profiles of over 250 fluorophores to identify the ones that are optimal with the provided instrument configuration. By identifying your required antigen targets, the Fluorish Panel Builder will then provide the conjugate list for all the entered targets with fluorophore options specific to your instrument. As conjugate options are selected, the fluorophores are placed in the optimal channels and the remaining list refines to prevent the selection of significantly overlapping fluorophores.

Use the Panel Builder to add a few additional antibodies to an existing panel, or design a completely new panel!

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  • This is a standalone Java application that will run directly on your Mac or PC.
  • Java 6 or higher
  • Internet Connection
  • Mac Users: Mac OS 10.5 or higher
  • PC users: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8

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Reagent Search

Fluorish has partnered with a number of companies that have a strong portfolio of reagents for flow cytometry. With over 65,000 products in one database, it's a lot easier to find the products you are looking for at fluorish.com than by searching individual company websites or catalogs.

Plus, Fluorish provides you the tools to limit your search to specific species, targets, formats, and clones. Even Google won't do that!